Research Studies & Papers

Peshawar Northern Bypass, Pushing farmers to further destitution

Organising rural women in Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to investigate the impact of land grabbing and corporate control on their community

Roundup and birth defects: the public has been kept in the dark

Food Sovereignty: A political vision for conserving genetic resources and self-reliance in Pakistan

Globalization’s Grotesque Face: The Economic Oppression of Women Agriculture Workers in Pakistan

Zarat Main Sarmayadari Ka Ghalba

Sodagar Hain Zahar Kay Part II

Sodagar Hain Zahar Kay Part I

Pakistan Zamini Qabzai Ki Zad Main

Gender Equality, Women’s Rights and Women’s Priorities:

Unacknowledged Treasures: The Home-based Women Labor of Pakistan (2011)

Of Collusions and Collaboration: A Case of Land Grab in Sindh, Pakistan (2012)

The Impact of Liberalization and Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) on Food Security for Rural Women

Sodagar Zahar Ka

Earthquake Aftermath:Violations of Women’s Human Rights, Pakistan (2006)

Briefing Paper on WTO 10th Ministerial Conference

Briefing Paper on WTO 9 Ministerial Conference

A Study on the Impact of Sunflower Seeds

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