To reach out to larger public various publications are brought out to ensure that the public are kept abreast of local, national and global happenings in the context of achievement and impediments to food sovereignty.

These publications include two Urdu quarterly magazines called Challenge, and Hal Ahwal. Challenge covers a wide spectrum of issues connected to sustainable development and in particular to rural and agricultural development. Hal Ahwal is a resource publication and is the transcribed quarterly chronological documentation of mostly agriculture and rural development, and climate change news from chosen mainstream daily English newspapers in Pakistan. The context is to provide grass root activists easy access to the rapid incursion of neoliberalism in Pakistani sustainable and agricultural development policy and farmlands, the impacts and the forms of resistances that are happening on the ground. As much of the grass roots activists and of course our farmers are not able to read English much of the current policy development and implementation, especially in the context of rural development policy does not reach them. The mainstream context of agricultural development now advocates for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and now even more and more genetically engineered seeds.

Therefore, the key goal of these two publications is to provide current information and a critical analysis of the development paradigm embedded in neoliberalism.

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