Hunar-e-Zan Products

The very first initiative that the organization had taken with respect to women empowerment had been its work with home-based women workers in a squatter settlement in Karachi, Sindh. The tentacles of Globalization have certainly reached working class women, especially the most exploited and oppressed sector of home-based women workers. After two years of organizing, in 2000 we were able to form a Home-Based Women Workers Collective in Qasbah Colony and then spread the work in villages in two districts of Sindh, namely Tando Mohammad Khan and Badin. Our goal has been to ensure that women understand the roots of exploitation and oppression embedded in their lives through the joint pressure of feudalism, globalization and patriarchy. Roots were able to launch products by women at a stall at the Sunday Bazar in Defense Housing Society – such local daily bazars were the norm in the 1990s; the stall was initiated on May 7, 2000.

Our collective was also able to benefit from such endeavours. In addition, Roots for Equity also started a small outlet called “Hunar-e-Zan” but was not able to maintain it because of the very high overhead costs. However, the entire initiative for the Women Workers Collective has come to be known as Hunar-Zan, with more than a hundred handmade products being produced.

Please support home-based women workers, both urban and rural. Please place your orders here for any of the products that you would like to acquire. We thank you, wholeheartedly! You are also welcome to call us at our office number 021-34813320 for more details or to place an order.

  • Doli– a traditional carriage for brides
  • Pric item 395 PKR

  • Khat – a rope bed
  • Price per item 250 PKR
  • Manjhi – a rope stools
  • Price per item 150 PKR
  • Madhani – hand tool used for making lassi
  • Price per item 300 PKR
  • Shesha Embroidered Wallets
  • Price per item 250 PKR

  • Pencil Cases with Sindhi -tanka embroidery!
  • Price per item 250 PKR
  • Evening Bags
  • Price per item 280 PKR
  • Keychains
  • Different price per item 100 to 250 PKR
  • Moti Casoster
  • Price per item 90 PKR
  • Crocia Coaster
  • Price per item 70 PKR
  • Chundri Mobile
  • Price per item 300 PKR
  • Tokri Mobile
  • Price per item 280 PKR
  • Long String Mobile
  • Price per item 250 PKR
  • Embroidery Coaster
  • Price per item 100 PKR

  • Elephant long Mobile
  • Price per item 450 PKR
  • Button & Patti
  • Difference price per item 150 to 350 PKR
  • Buttons
  • Price per item 20 to 80
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