Protest against Zionist-Aligned United States (US) Corporations!

Press Release | February 27, 2024

Accepting Sponsorship of Boycotted Pepsi and KFC for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is an appalling endorsement of Apartheid Zionist aggression in Occupied Palestine!


For the past four months, people around the world have been protesting against the Zionist Apartheid aggression in the occupied Palestine Territories. A powerful form of protest has been the widespread campaign and boycott targeting products of Zionist- aligned corporations and countries supporting the genocide in Gaza. A boycott campaign launched by the Palestinian people, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and other boycott campaigns around the world have released a comprehensive list of boycotted companies and products. Pakistani citizens have wholeheartedly supported this boycott campaign. The Pakistan Cricket Board failed to acknowledge the dire situation in Palestine or the global boycott campaign. Regrettably, the Pakistan Cricket Board disregarded this moral stance and shamelessly prioritized profit over principles.By allowing Pepsi and KFC to sponsor the PSL, the PCB tarnished the name of the entire country, the lives of the people of Palestine and national honour. Despite this, the Pakistan Super League cricket match series, sponsored by Pepsi and KFC, persists unabated in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Such an act by PSL, and PCB is highly shameful, as there is prolonged history of killings, torture and violent aggression perpetrated by Apartheid Israel; and people worldwide have been actively participating in boycotts against imperialist companies such as Pepsi, McDonald’s and KFC.

The targeted boycott campaign encompasses a wide array of US imperialist corporations whose profits bolster the Zionist Apartheid regime. These corporations’ profits directly contribute to funding the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), as the US government allocates billions of dollars in annual aid to Israel, at least three billion sourced from the taxes accrued from these very companies. It is crucial to highlight that since October 7, 2023, US imperialism has provided more than $14 billion in military aid and plans to allocate an additional $17.6 billion fueling the most military aggressions witnessed in recent decades.

The siege of Gaza is actively enforced not only by the IOF but also the civilian population of Apartheid Israel, while 2.3 million Gazans are suffering from hunger and thirst, compelled to reside in tents, unsafe shelters and open spaces, amidst ongoing bombardment by terrorist Israel Occupied Forces. Tragically, reports of the elderly and children succumbing to hunger and thirst have become all too common. This inhuman, brutal war, has claimed the lives of approximately 30,000 people in Gaza, including over 12,000 children and more than 8,000 women. Moreover, about 70,000 people are injured and many thousands remain missing under the rubble.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has displayed solidarity with the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) by providing free food to Zionist soldiers. Concurrently, the entry of essential items including water and medical aid into Gaza is completely prohibited. Amidst 90 days of genocide, the suffering population has endured 65 thousand tons of bombardment.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has demonstrated unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian cause through its support of Palestine in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The state is reflecting the voice of Pakistani citizens. In light of the ongoing genocidal conflict in Gaza, it is imperative for the Pakistan Cricket Board to align itself with the government’s stance and the will of the people. Therefore, the PCB must terminate the sponsorship of Pepsi and KFC. This action would unequivocally signify Pakistan’s rejection of Zionist Israel and its supporting entities, while affirming its steadfast support for the Palestinian people in their struggle for national liberation and freedom—a stance reaffirmed just on February 23rd at the ICJ.

Both Pepsi and KFC not only damage the economy but also endanger public health. Collaborating with these entities not only indirectly supports Apartheid Israel in the current global political and military arena but also undermines the country’s food sovereignty and farmers’ livelihood. In the current context, it is imperative for the Pakistani economy to prioritize the circulation of funds within the country, refraining from exporting profits, in particular, such fund is utilized for killing people. This is essential for fostering the development of the nation and enhancing the well-being of every citizen.

Roots for Equity and Sanjhi Dharti are vehemently protesting this dishonourable, and irresponsible action by the Pakistan Cricket Board. We demand that the Pakistan Cricket Board immediately cancel the sponsorship of Pepsi and KFC. At the very least, the names and logos of these corporations should be removed from PSL publicity, all billboards displayed across the country and other advertising materials.

Therefore, we earnestly implore, request, demand the government of Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board, the Pakistan Super League, cricket fans and enthusiasts and all the people of Pakistan including Team owners and players partaking in the PSL, to extend support to the Palestinians during this difficult & tumultuous period of Zionist Israeli oppression and violence


Released by: Roots for Equity and Sanjhi Dharti

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